Tips on How to Maintain Your Lawn During Winter

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When the winter comes, you may start to feel like there is no other way to saving your yard. As a business or residential owner, you might be considering that you will need to embrace losses during winter and start anew at the season’s end. However, this could not be far from the truth since there are a lot of ways on how to take care of your yard during the winter season. 

Sure, your grass and lawn will get frosty during winter however, with these tips on how to take care of your lawn, you can definitely maintain a happy and healthy lawn all throughout the whole season. As a matter of fact, doing so can save you money and reduce stress down the stretch. Having said that, do not give up on your yard during winter. Do some simple tasks in order to keep your yard in top condition during this time. The following are some of the tips on how to keep your yard or lawn during the winter season aside from hiring a professional lawn service provider: 

1. Aerate, Then Spread Seeds 

Your yard is basically subject to compaction during summer. Before winter starts, it is a very good idea to aerate your yard. Aerating your yard will break up the compaction, thus, allowing your yard to breathe well in the winter months. After aerating your yard, air, water and all nutrients are able to move all throughout the soil without causing any obstruction. Once this is performed, that is the time that you can fertilize your lawn. 

2. Use Fertilizer 

The best time to fertilize your lawn is after you aerate it. Fertilizing it should be done thoroughly by following the manufacturer’s instruction of the fertilizer. Early winter and late fall are the best times of fertilizing your lawn in order to keep it healthy. If you fertilize your yard before the winter strikes, you actually give back the nutrients which are being lost on the process during the summer months. As the snow hits the ground, the fertilizer remains on the lawn. Then, the grass will be energized all throughout the whole winter season because of the fertilizer. When the winter season ends and the spring months come around and it is time to get rid of the ice and snow, the grass will be well-nourished and fed. 

3. Use Mowing Techniques 

There are some mowing techniques which will help your lawn remain strong and healthy during the winter months. When the summer months come to an end, start to slowly reduce your lawnmower’s cutting level. Every time you mow your yard from the summer’s end until winter, you will want to decrease your lawnmower gradually. This cuts your grass even shorter without causing shock by cutting it down at once. With that being said, short grass for winter is great. Otherwise, rodents and any other pests will find comfort in tall grasses. If the grass is left tall, pests such as rodents will be comfortable enough to make a home leaving dead spots. 

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